Principles of etiquette when wearing a suit (men)

Principles of etiquette when wearing a suit (men)

1. The color of top and bottom of suit must be same. In terms of collocation, suits, shirts and ties should have two plain colors.

2. You must wear leather shoes when wearing a suit. Casual shoes, cloth shoes and sneakers are not suitable.

3. The color of shirt that goes with suit should match color of suit, not match it. A white shirt goes well with any color suit. Men should not wear brightly colored checkered or patterned shirts for formal occasions. The cuff of shirt should be 1-2 cm longer than cuff of suit. Wearing a suit is required to wear a tie on formal and ceremonial occasions, but not necessarily on other occasions. The button on shirt collar must be buttoned when tie is on, and button on shirt collar must be unbuttoned when tie is not on.

4. Suit buttons can be divided into single-row and double-row. Single-breasted suit: one-button, sedate, open and unrestrained; on two buttons, only top button is fastened, which is Western and orthodox, and only bottom is fastidious, and whole button is rustic, both If it is not open, it is chic and beautiful, and full button or only second button is not up to standard; for three buttons, top two buttons or only middle button correspond.

5. It is not recommended to put too many things in jacket pocket and trouser pocket of suit. Do not wear too many suits and underwear. It is best to wear only one shirt in spring and autumn. In winter, do not wear a cotton sweater under shirt. You can wear a wool sweater over shirt. Wearing things that are too bloated will ruin overall beauty of costume.

6. The color and pattern of tie should match suit. When wearing a tie, length of tie should reach belt buckle. The tie clip should be worn between fourth and fifth buttons of shirt.

7. The trademark plate on cuff of suit must be removed or it does not match dress code of suit and will bring laughter on smart occasions.

8. Pay attention to content of costumes. The way of care and storage has a great influence on shape and service life of suit. High-class suits should be hung in a ventilated place and dried frequently, paying attention to protection from insects and moisture. When there are wrinkles, it can be hung in bathroom after bath, and wrinkles can be steamed out and then hung in a ventilated place.

Principles of etiquette when wearing a suit (men)
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