For men it is very important to choose right color! Only with right characteristics can white appear advanced

95% of men think white can go wrong and is universal. Actually there is a big misunderstanding here!

If you choose white incorrectly, you will look dark or yellow, and this will worsen your taste.

Plain white with black, white with blue, it's not really key to pairing. Anyone can match this way, key is that white with which blue suits you.

Therefore, it is very important to choose right white color, which is basis of your selection, but this is not enough, it is more important to understand your own color characteristics and pick up white on this basis! The first question is: how to choose white so that it is not picky?

In fact, there is some knowledge in this, white is not suitable for everyone.

For example, Snow White on left is very picky, snow white gives people a particularly clean and cool look, she is suitable for people with pure, cool or deep colors. .

Ivory white at far right is a yellowish white color suitable for people with warm colors, light warm people, and people with pure warm colors.

Soft white in middle is neither too white nor typical "yellow taste".

Second question: How to match without errors?

I'm using soft white as an example to show how people with different color characteristics can combine blue (with green. The same is true for black).

In my previous article, presenter and clothes were in color. Click to view article details.

1. How black people combine white with blue

First of all, you need to understand that color characteristic of dark type is deep strong and dense, not too elegant and avoids combination of light and light color, > People with more dark features will appear heavy and devoid of energy. It is best to choose a light and dark match or a deep match.

The combination of soft white and navy blue adds depth to overall color and also matches well with navy blue dial. combination of white and blue looks obviously boring.

2. How people with light characteristics combine white with blue

Light color characteristicsEmphasize elegance and lightness, not too strong and bright, so same soft white with blue will suit people with light color characteristics, and it can be worn with light navy blue casual shoes That is, there are deep and light layers, but this does not destroy overall feeling of "light". It also goes well with brown. I chose a light brown belt and watch strap. All options to create a light color element.

3. How people with cool colors choose white and blue

Characteristic of cold color type is underlining "blue color". I chose blue casual pants that are full of blue flair. They are combined with a blue belt, a silver belt buckle and a steel watch. Strap and navy blue dial to enhance cool color performance.

ThereforeColor matching is not only matching color and color, but also matching color characteristics of person who wears clothes. This is the most important point I'm sharing if it's helpful. you, I need your likes!

4. How to pair white with blue for people with warm color characteristics

First of all, we must understand that the most typical characteristic of warm colors is "yellow flavor". I chose a pair of blue shorts. Why is blue water a warm color? This is a very professional question, and I will give you a detailed introduction in course of professional selection in future. Let's memorize it in private first.

The choice of a brown belt, a gold belt buckle and a gold dialall reinforce purpose, making look warmer and more "yellow".

If you are a warm-colored person, this combination will make your complexion transparent, clear and non-greasy, and if you go to above cool color combination, this will make your complexion tone skin more comfortable. People's skin is generally dry, and overall clothing will look cheap.

While soft white is unappealing, if you know you have warm undertones, ivory yellow is best. Do you think overall effect will be better? In fact, it is strong tone.

5. How people with pure color characteristics combine white with blue

Characteristics of a pure color type most of all emphasize purity, clarity and transparency. The pants I choose are still a cool blue that has both cool and clean features, but I chose brown for belt and shoes so it doesn't feel too "cold" overall. At same time, we should also avoid being too soft, such as soft color traits below, if worn by people with pure color traits , they will look wimpy and sluggish.

6. How people with soft color characteristics can fully match color blue

As name suggests, soft color feature is soft and elegant. The overall color is like a layer of gray. People with soft color traits > wear luxurious clothes Bright colors can look gaudy. Therefore, it is paired with charcoal gray and blue casual trousers, dark gray and blue shoes and a belt. The purpose of combination is obvious. The gray strap and elegant silver dial seamlessly integrate into one.

The example of soft white with blue just emphasizes once again that different people have to match their color characteristics. If you know your own color characteristics, you will know direction of color combination.

You still want to know which color matching forum to tell me. If you have your own opinion about color matching, leave a message on discussion forum.

A man's outfit cannot be based on feelings! Follow me! Scientific clothing starts with knowing your own characteristics!