How can 30+ men wear this blue with more texture?

Last time I shared with you Klein blue, which is very demanding. I know that blue is not to be worn casually and today I would like to share with you one that is very friendly to 70% of Chinese men blue color that improves skin tone is light blue shown below.

How can 30+ men wear this blue with more texture?

Better skin tone doesn't mean you'll have temperament in what you wear, it's just foundation of good looks. The overall color matching is key and very important.

Most men will choose black, white and gray to match blue. Of course, it can be combined, but it is not particularly shiny. If you have high demands on your own image, 3 sets of workplace phrases shared today. Match them with 3 leisure kits, I believe they can be used as a reference for you, if you think it is useful, it is recommended to collect them.

Earlier, we analyzed many color combinations. My point is that hue is foundation of color matching, and unity of tone is foundation of color matching, so it's important to understand tone of light blue.

The light blue color is very special. Not only does he have rationality and calmness that blue should have, but he also has rare intimacy and passion of blue.

Even though light blue is a cool color, it is different from other blue tones. It is a warmer tone in terms of hue, including light warm tone, pure warm tone and warm bright tone, so they cannot be used at same time. Klein blue cool tone has same idea.

The next 6 sets of phrases are selected strictly according to principle of a uniform color tone, especially the last set of phrases you need to try more. Usually male phrases are rare. If you dare to try, you are sure to be very brilliant.

Workplace collocation 1 How can 30+ men wear this blue with more texture?

Light blue and bright brown go together perfectly (It's very important to pair different shades of blue with different browns and effect will be much worse if they don't match well).

The overall tone creates an element of warm tone, color of bag echoes trousers, and gold watch enhances this element. There is a darker color difference between color of shoes and pants, and layering is open, which is stable and not dull.

Warm tones should not be paired with cool tones such as silver steel watches. Strictly speaking, black is also colder, so it does not look very good with it.

Workplace collocation 2: How can 30+ men wear this blue with more texture?

The color of these pants is not smoky gray, but smoky gray brownish or greenish, name baffles me ! What is your name? Please let me know in comments section.

If you pair it with a pure smoky gray, but it lacks flavor, match it with brown leather shoes and a belt, remember not a black belt, it is very dull, belt buckle should be golden, I did not find a good golden one belt buckle, because belt is brown, so let's take a look at it first. I chose color of watch to be close to color of trousers. The overall vitality is stable, fashionable and connotative.

Workplace collocation 3: How can 30+ men wear this blue with more texture?

The gray color in these trousers is warmer like taupe and overall tone is light and warm, so choice of other things has a direction and standards, not a feel, color of leather shoes, watches and belts should not be too heavy, such type of selection is especially suitable for people of light and warm tones.

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How can 30+ men wear this blue with more texture?
Random phrase 1 How can 30+ men wear this blue with more texture?

I didn't choose black and blue for everyday juxtaposition. It's not impossible, but it's too boring. I chose a green that is close to blue, but lowered brightness of green relatively so that everything is active, but not too bright and vulgar.

Olive green shoes, grey-green watch and pants echo to level up, and added brown casual bag and watch face are same color. messy, and looks very comfortable.The reason for uniform tone.

Random phrase 2 How can 30+ men wear this blue with more texture?

It is also paired with brown shorts, but a blue casual bag is added to enhance feeling of activity, but style of sandals is also very important, although it is casual, it does not lose its taste.

Color matching is only part of overall matching, and style matching is also very important. If you are interested in styles and styles, you can follow me and share more details about style matching. next time.

How can 30+ men wear this blue with more texture?

This set can also be understood as a combination of blue and brown, and white trousers make it more refreshing. It is very important to choose white color. Don't choose pure white, it can be soft white or ivory (I previously shared pure white and soft white., article on collocation ivory, if you are interested in phrase white, you can look it up).

The brown color I choose for shoes and bags is light. Too dark brown and white will generally depress and not create a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.

Random phrase 3 How can 30+ men wear this blue with more texture?

Purple is a particularly comfortable color. It is much better than everyday black, white and gray combination. It is heavy like black but more elegant than black.

Of course, choice of purple is very important. An eggplant that is too dark or a lavender purple that is too light is not good.

In order to make overall phrase more emotional, I chose a bag with a small dark pattern and created this feeling along with a watch with soft details.

Conclusion: no matter how beautiful a color is, without a good selection it will be mediocre. Only in theory of a single tone can a more accurate color matching be achieved. Of course, if you want to control color matching, it's also important to know your own tone.

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