How to look advanced in camel color for a man

Hello everyone! I'm Sir Zhao, image consultant. Men cannot wear clothes based on their feelings. Follow me! Scientific clothing begins with understanding characteristics of yourself and clothing!

Camel color is one of most common colors in men's wardrobe. It's not easy to make a mistake in selection, but there are not so many high-level phrases. you need to know more about camel Knowing you don't understand it, so why control it?

How to look advanced in camel color for a man

Analysis: The 3 sets above have no issues in terms of style matching, but color matching needs work. The first set is very sharp with black trousers (we will analyze specific reasons later), and second set is without a belt. It is better not to wear trousers of same color, which are incomprehensible and do not have a sense of hierarchy. more advanced.

How to look advanced in camel color for a man

In order for a color to evoke an aesthetic sensation, it is important to understand underlying rules and characteristics, otherwise there will never be a breakthrough in selection, but only repetition at a low level > what are characteristics of camel color? How to compare it with a more advanced sense? This is main focus of this article, especially 7 sets of cases, which are selected according to different occasions, very practical. At same time, you should remember that there are 2 commonly used colors that should not be paired with camel. so as not to spoil taste.

Main content of this article:

1: Meet camel

2: Random phrase Camel

3: Collocation at Camel Workplace

4. Camel color is taboo.

1 Get to know camel color.

Before you get acquainted with camel hair, you need to understand one of concepts - color tone (in a minute you will understand that this is very important for selection)

How to look advanced in camel color for a man

For example: The Morandi color system above looks old, like a layer of gray, with a retro feel! Looking at each color individually, it has a soft and elegant characteristic, and using tone to describe its characteristic is soft tones.

Because each color in above Morandi color system has soft tone characteristics, color tone is unified, so any two colors in Morandi color system are very comfortable and very advanced in combination with each other.

Key point: main principle of color selection is unity of tone.

In other words, there is no color in this world that cannot be matched if underlying colors are same!

There are 6 main shades of shade, which are divided into 12 characteristics:

Deep tone direction: deep warm tone, deep cool tone

Light tone direction: light warm tone, light cold tone

Pure tone direction: pure warm tone, pure cool tone

Soft tone direction: soft warm tone, soft cool tone

Warm tone direction: warm bright tone, warm soft tone

Cold tone direction: cool bright tone, cold soft tone

Knowing importance of shade, what shade does a camel have?

Camel has characteristics of warm and soft tone, soft and warm tone, and deep and warm tone. Only a color corresponding to one of these three characteristics will be harmonious.

Here we only need to know shade of camel. As to why these 3 features are involved, there are more concepts involved. I will share them separately later. If you are interested, please pay attention first!

2: Camel casual fit for occasion How to look advanced in camel color for a man

The camel color is paired with olive green shorts and a leisure bag. The yellow color on socks and shoes is highlight of whole set, making whole look less boring and combination stable and energetic.

Suitable for people with warm tones, soft tones and deep tones (there is a link about people at end of tones).

How to look advanced in camel color for a man

Raspberry red is more characteristic. Red gives strength and is more suitable for everyday occasions. Of course, red should not be chosen casually. Too bright red will overwhelm guests and ruin overall feel. Soft and deep red is best matched , Best matched with beige The bag is matched with black and dark coffee colors, because these colors are all in one tone, very unified, so it looks stylish and tasteful!

3. Camel phrase in workplace How to look advanced in camel color for a man

Camel and olive green are not only casual, but also stable and discreet in workplace. In addition to a belt of same color, you can also choose a brown belt. A black belt is best not to have and a silver belt buckle. Destroy unity of overall tone. (There is a link after black shadow)

How to look advanced in camel color for a man

Outerwear and underwear of same color should have a clear color separation, dark brown is best, and black is also avoided.

How to look advanced in camel color for a man

Rice, coffee and brown are natural, with rich hues and layers. In addition, this is simplest and easiest way to match colors.

How to look advanced in camel color for a man

When pairing camel with jeans, avoid a color that is too light on left, otherwise it will look cheap, because tone of light blue jeans is light and cool, which is incompatible with tone of camel.

4: Camel color is most taboo How to look advanced in camel color for a man

Even though there are black and white elements on camel clothes, overall tone has not changed, so when combined with pure black it looks dull, and when combined with pure white it looks very depressing. The reason is that color tone is not uniform. About black and pure white tones have been separated in previous article, and there are links at end, if you are interested, you can take a look.

Output. At heart of any color matching is a way to look advanced. The main method is to understand hue of each color. Anyone can pick up a color match with a high level of perception in accordance with principle of uniformity. At same time, a brilliant color combination can only be perfected by right person.

If you are a person with warm, soft, and deep warm tones, quickly collect phrases above. (There is a link to an article about color of people)

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