How to avoid passers-by when boys are wearing black loafers

95% of boys who buy loafers say style is important and black is least wrong choice. This is actually a big misunderstanding , no alarmist! It is easy to make a person's image mediocre!

How to avoid passers-by when boys are wearing black loafers

The selection of model's black loafers makes overall sleazy, and paired with a gray and blue suit, it looks cheap. Of course, cheapness is due to fit itself, and there are also reasons why it is not suitable for model. In short, do not believe this black joker nonsense!

How to combine black loafers to look advanced? Let's share some advanced pairing ideas with 2 pairs of loafers.

How to avoid passers-by when boys are wearing black loafers

The above two pairs of black loafers are conservative and classic, but they can easily come across as old-fashioned and tough if not worn properly. They are fashionable and individual, and if worn incorrectly, they look bullish and rowdy. , but when worn properly, they will look very tasteful.

How to avoid passers-by when boys are wearing black loafers

In a previous article, I introduced idea of ​​matching loafers, which is to analyze characteristics of this pair of black loafers (color characteristics and style characteristics) before matching. Color characteristics solve color matching problem, and style characteristics solve style matching problem.

Black tonal characteristics: pure tone, cool tone and dark tone (introduced in previous articles and linked later)

This style uses fine leather and exquisite craftsmanship, and overall style follows characteristics of classic style, so look for items in same style in terms of matching style.

How to avoid passers-by when boys are wearing black loafers

Green POLO shirt in delicate fabric and exquisite craftsmanship, in keeping with essence of classic style. Black trousers and black loafers are reserved and stable, but devoid of vitality. Inadvertently revealing a bit of green, unexpected but not too much, it looks very advanced. Watches with a green dial also make green more layered, without heaviness of black lower case at all. The blue handbag and green have a slight layered change, but it is not drastic. The overall change is stable. Of course, handbag can be black or green.

Because image has a white background, I choose big brand products to match. In fact, when I personally choose styles for male online members, most of them are Taobao and Tmall. Many boys saw what I chose. product is incredible, can some of them taste good when they are so cheap? Actually, brand is not most important thing, key is right one, and buying right one will give character more than value for money.

How to avoid passers-by when boys are wearing black loafers

It's also good to change your trousers to gray. They are suitable for discreet guys in combination with a coffee-colored handbag, but choice of details still emphasizes taste of owner.

How to avoid passers-by when boys are wearing black loafers

Regular boys don't dare to try on this pink top, but if you know that your color tone is composed of a cool tone, a pure tone, and a deep cold tone, not only will it not be gaudy, it should be very shiny.

One of my male participants in Guangzhou has dark skin and doesn't think that bright color suits him. The wardrobe is full of smoky blues and grays (I've heard others say it's okay to look advanced). ) and I rule it out with reasoning on internet. , I chose this pink for him, and his temperament has changed a lot. He said he suddenly found that concepts he had been exposed to before were wrong.

You can choose stockings for this set and of course you can wear pumps to expose your ankles for a more casual look. As for black phrase, I suggest that it be paired with bright colors. to stand out, do you feel it?

How to avoid passers-by when boys are wearing black loafers

This is second pair of fashionable and personalized loafers, black trousers and black socks, but pattern of socks is more emotional, rememberyou can't go wrong with any color of shoes and socks of same color. background Yes (but not only one, combination of high-end can be more stunning, please note first! Share later) There may be a small pattern, this pattern may be repeated according to color of clothes as a whole, for example, my top is white, and it is black. The bottom is white, because watch and handbag are red, and socks can also be black with a red pattern.

This pair of loafershas special ring-shaped accessories and silver stud embellishments that are trendy in style, so matching items should have trendy style features, such as belts. individual, and idea of ​​color combination can also be more daring, so pairing red watches and bags avoids dullness of black and white.

Of course, this set will suit trendy boys to look advanced and tasteful. Are you a fashion boy? If interested, you can look at link below. Of course, if you cannot control such a phrase, then you do not have such a style.

How to avoid passers-by when boys are wearing black loafers

I changed a pair of trousers and a POLO shirt, but characteristics behind it have not changed. If there are boys around us who look good in this way, we will also admire their matching taste in our hearts, but there is no secret, that is, they understand themselves You do not know what fits and what does not fit, but as long as you are familiar with style and type, you usually learn more about yourself, summarize and exclude unsuitable types, and gradually you can understand your own dressing rules. Let taste surprise everyone, of course, fastest way is to test online.

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