How to wear most sexy in winter?

Many people find it hard to look sexy in winter.

There are many types of clothing and it is difficult to match them with long legs, weather is too cold, and it is difficult to stand out if you have too many clothes on.

So many people blindly think that if they want to be beautiful, they should wait until summer to show off their abs.

But Xiao Wi doesn't think so. Compared with summer, there are indeed more suitable elements in winter, but more elements, more beautiful types. Gentlemanly, fashionable, fashionable, elegant... There are so many types, there is always one that suits you.

How to wear most sexy in winter?

White trousers + suede desert boots, individual body position under sun

First of all, position your shape clearly. Thin or fat, long legs or upper body, tall or short. When these points are clearly placed, then when choosing clothes and shoes, you can learn from each other's strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.

Of course, if you have an average build, long legs, and tall height, you can automatically skip my suggestions, because you don't have to worry about not being beautiful enough with such a figure.

How to wear most sexy in winter?

Jeans + leather Martin boots fashion trend

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Secondly, misunderstandings must be avoided when comparing. If you have a long upper body, you can try wearing short clothes and pointy shoes to elongate your legs effectively.

How to wear most sexy in winter?

Casual trousers + Chelsea leather, calm and comfortable

When you are skinny, you can opt for tight-fitting clothing. Too loose clothing will make you lethargic. As for shoes, you can choose a round head to optimize shape of whole person's body and not give people illusion of weakness.

Clothes texture

The last point is to pay attention to texture of clothes. If you want to be formal and decent, you can opt for smoother fabrics, but if you want to wear gentlemanly and lazy clothes, suede is best choice. There are also wadded down jackets that are inevitable in winter. You can choose jackets that are smooth, stretchy and breathable, which will also be more durable and comfortable.

How to wear most sexy in winter?

Sleek trousers + Chelsea leather, simple and elegant

Of course, same applies to choice of winter boots. In addition to attention to their style, you need to take care of leather of boots and height of top. If you have thick legs and want to show long legs, you can choose Chelsea boots and desert boots. If you want to look cool, you can choose Martin boots. With so many styles, you can always choose a nice and sexy one that fits and wears you.