A man's taste depends on shoes on his feet

A man's taste depends on shoes on his feet

There is a saying that describes boys like this: clothes cost nine to nine dollars, shoes cost thousands of dollars.

For boys, shoes are their second face. If you want to unintentionally reveal your aesthetic and taste, a pair of shoes that you can wear to go out is very important. A pair of leather boots is especially important for older men.

A man's taste depends on shoes on his feet

Today I would like to share with you classic and timeless black leather pumps that are not only versatile but also stylish and anyone can wear them.

Oxfords made from vegetable tanned cow tanned tires:

Oxfords, as most formal leather shoes, can be considered a must-have. It is appropriate to wear to work, to meetings with clients and to banquets.

The lines of these oxfords are quite smooth and leather surface is very delicate and soft, so you don't have to worry about chafing your feet when you wear them every day.

From a collocation standpoint, it also has many variants. Pairing it with vertical socks can also elongate proportions of legs. Pair it with a pair of trousers and you can easily wear it with long legs.

A man's taste depends on shoes on his feet
Imported vegetable tanned cow tire derby shoes:

In addition to first Oxfords, these Derby shoes are also a must-have.

Style can be formal or casual, and multiple scenes can be switched at will. The leather is made from vegetable tanned cow embryos imported from Italy, and also uses its own washing and aging process, so leather texture is translucent from inside, upper of foot is very stylish.

A man's taste depends on shoes on his feet

The open tongue is also very tolerant of feet. It is a model that can be controlled by all kinds of feet, it is versatile and not picky.

Vegetable tanned calf derby boots:

It is also a very casual leather shoe. Compared with plain surface, the connection style is more three-dimensional and has a sense of design, and can also highlight your personality.

The outsole is a combination of natural leather and rubber, so it is breathable and also non-slip and wear-resistant, making it much more comfortable to wear.

A man's taste depends on shoes on his feet

Like our model, in combination with apricot trousers, it sets off aura very well.

In general, if you want to better convey your taste, it's best to be a little more careful with classics. The above leather shoes are very gentlemanly and classic, and you can easily create new patterns, and it is not easy to step on thunder. Don't know what style you like in choosing leather shoes for every day?