In spring, leather shoes should be base model.

(We are viplander, a domestic independent brand of men's shoes)

There are many word combinations to choose from throughout year, but if you want to wear a trendy classic style, you need to choose a basic style. For men, leather shoes are second person and if you choose right shoes for you, you will earn points wherever you go.

In spring, leather shoes should be base model.
In spring, leather shoes should be base model.

These leather shoes brought to you today are very casual, versatile and basic, suitable for any season.

Shiny derby shoes with open hems and beads.

Different occasions always call for different leather shoes to match stage, flowing lines and high quality fabrics are added benefits;

If you want to easily control different occasions, derby shoes are indispensable. They can be casual or formal and open language is very tolerant;

The clean and bright upper gives foot a sense of dignity. Compared to discreet oxfords, upper of foot is much more comfortable and relaxed.

In spring, leather shoes should be base model.
British business oxford shoes

Trendy carved brogues are too good for aesthetics of leather shoes; a strict closed tongue casually demonstrates formality; blessing of vegetable tanned fetal bovine fabric throughout body gives entire pair of shoes a luxurious feel.

After washing and aging, each pair of shoes has a different degree of aging, showing a translucent feeling. It not only looks very high quality, but is also comfortable to wear without running in.

Compared to fully carved leather shoes, they are easier to handle and more acceptable

In spring, leather shoes should be base model.
Tailored lightweight leather oxford shoes

No one can deny ceiling of classic shoes - oxfords. The round toe fits perfectly with vertical and powerful shape of last. With refined details, it conveys severity of three-hinged leather shoes.

Super versatility is reason many men choose it. Trousers, jeans and casual trousers are expected to be their CP. The original shape of last and technology of fine internal stitching combine comfort and durability. , full of wearing comfort.

In spring, leather shoes should be base model.
Sleeveless Plain Lightweight Derbies

Derby shoes in leisure style. A very fashionable split shoe shape, combined with a neat and smooth shape of last, which is not picky to wear. Thin, washed and distressed fabric is visually light, luxurious and vibrant, while regular piping and fine stitching combine to show a sense of detail.

The combined leather + rubber outsole combines comfort and breathability, it is non-slip, wear-resistant, breathable and moisture-wicking, good at neutralizing various scenes, good fit and good fit when wearing, makes it self-confident. and convenient.