Skateboard shoes are shoes worn when skateboarding.

Skateboarding shoes are a type of footwear worn while skateboarding. Skateboarding is a form of surfing on land. He is popular among young people due to his freedom and creativity. Skateboarding is an extreme sport in which participants perform various activities in various conditions using skateboards and are judged on difficulty of activity and quality of activity performed. Unlike traditional sports, skateboarding is freer and harder. In this process, reaction of participants has greatly improved, and, of course, more importantly, it is training of their willpower.

It was because of unbridled and vitality of skateboarding that skateboarding became a street fashion, and skateboarding culture was born from it. This culture emphasizes freedom of body and mind, challenges and transcends self, and advocates concept of integration of man and nature. Wearing skateboarding shoes isn't necessarily just about skateboarding. More often than not, skateboard on market becomes a kind of fashion or a kind of culture and is accepted by public.

The development of sneakers can be divided into two areas: professional sports sneakers and fashionable cultural sneakers.

Famous sneaker brands mainly include adidas, Kappa, etc. (Figure 6-21).

Skateboard shoes are shoes worn when skateboarding.

Figure 6-21. Famous sneaker brand

1. Model characteristics of skateboard shoes

(1) The front and back rocking of last of a burgundy shoe is relatively small, so bottom of shoe is almost flat when viewed from side, which also allows board shoe to maximize its contact area with board. surface (ground).

(2) The tongue of skateboards is very wide, thick and soft, which protects feet while skateboarding.

(3) The length of front of shoe is slightly shorter than other shoes.

(4) The forefoot is very thick, which provides a more comfortable space for user.

(5) Skateboarding shoes vary in height of top and can be divided into low sneakers and high sneakers.

Skate shoe modeling feature map (Figure 6-22).

Skateboard shoes are shoes worn when skateboarding.

Fig. 6-22. Appearance of skateboarding shoes

2. Proportions and characteristics of sneakers

By analyzing proportions of finished shoe and knowing data points and reference lines during sample making process, it will be much easier to draw shoe (Figure 6-23).

Skateboard shoes are shoes worn when skateboarding.

Figure 6-23. Proportional analysis of sneakers

A method for drawing a large sneaker outline (Figure 6-24).

Skateboard shoes are shoes worn when skateboarding.

Figure 6-24. Stages of drawing sneakers