How to save money on shoes?

According to latest report published by American marketing research agency Grand View Research, global sports footwear market will exceed $95 billion by 2025.

The recently held Shanghai Sneaker Con carnival shoe show is known as celebration of "the strongest shoe show on surface." Not only has free trade/sneaker swap created a buzz, even entrance ticket is hard to buy. find, and all kinds of ruthless goods are ferocious. Goods appear endlessly, and even AIR MAG, known as god's shoes, has eclipsed.

Let's not talk about these high-ranking "merciless goods", even about discounted OUTLETS models. With rapid development of shoe market in past two years, you can’t buy the sneakers you like at a discount. Thank God for a small price to start.

Those who want to carry their own legs or cut their hands to satisfy their "desire to collect" must find a way. As a result, voice of individuals selling a particular set of sneakers is getting louder and louder, and "sharing culture" that originated overseas has become very mature. However, there is no shortage of dark pits. For resale platforms such as some doves, slow delivery and even meetings with subcontractors are some common problems. Whether sellers or buyers, this is a problem they don't want to face. In fact, on a resale platform, even a seller can become a "victim" when something goes wrong.

Many sellers have experienced "returned counterfeit" phenomenon. Although such situations are still a minority, it is enough to make all shoe lovers "concerned". Therefore, a safe trading platform for sneakers is what shoe lovers dream of.

The 95 points sneaker trading platform can accept purchase/delivery transaction of [Genuine Sneakers with Minor Defect]. If shoe box is slightly damaged in transit, etc., you can try sending it to [95 Fen Sneaker]. Trading platform].

What problem can 95 points solve?

I find that most friends like me care most about this! [95 Fen Sneakers Trading Platform] will indicate basic information of products sent by seller through a combination of graphics and text, including but not limited to: integrity of shoe box, signs of oxidation and yellowing, whether there is damage, whether there is a color difference, none whether accessories (such as overpaid laces), stains, etc.

Do you think this is end? NO! The platform not only informs you in form of text, but also allows seller of batch to take pictures of defects that appear from different angles, so that the buyer can see them at a glance.

Of course, as an official sneaker trading platform, it does not accept fakes. Dozens of in-house estimators are on call 24 hours a day to identify sneakers shipped. This is principle and total sum of 95 points. to make sure it's authentic! There will be a total of 16 sneaker inspection procedures for 95 points to check products on shelves!

How to use 95 points?

Search [95 Fen Sneaker Trading Platform] mini-program in WeChat or scan QR code below in WeChat, it is convenient, easy and does not take up memory.