Running: how to buy a pair of reliable running shoes?

Running: how to buy a pair of reliable running shoes?

How to buy a pair of reliable sneakers?

Whether they are foreign brands or domestic brands, look for offline stores, try them on for yourself and try them out by following a few steps to see if they fit your feet! Try not to shop online or buy on behalf of others in pursuit of small profits. First of all, let's not talk about counterfeit and low-quality products. The focus is on compliance issue, because online returns are very troublesome. My principle is to go to an offline store to buy, first try it on and then try it out for yourself by jogging. Then look at price. Online prices vary, unless it's brand's flagship store. Here I just want to say two things: firstly, fakes are more real than real ones, and secondly, domestic brands are no worse than foreign ones. In my opinion, running shoes in 600-400 range are acceptable and you don't have to wear thousands of Nikes, Adidas, etc. It's just for fitness, not blind comparisons.

Too many code words, to recap:

1. Running shoes should be comfortable, lightweight and cushioning.

2. Go to a regular store to buy and try it on yourself.

3. Don't blindly compare, just choose what suits you and choose what is comfortable to wear.

4. Sneakers also have a service life. If they exceed 1000-1200 kilometers, they need to be checked. If they are very worn out, then they need to be changed in time.

5. Don't wear new shoes to competition, you must dress them well and enter battlefield.

6. Don't ask me to recommend running shoes. If I'm a purchasing agent, then I'm a fool. Believe in your own feelings, it's better than others deceive you.