Nature Hall Launches NFT Virtual Digital Products, New Beauty Makeup Trends, A Quick Look

In recent years, Double 11 rules have become more and more complex, welfare practices have become more uniform, and consumer enthusiasm seems to be fading. But this year, concept of NFT is on rise, spanning various industries such as cosmetics and real estate, and many well-known big brands are keen to try it out.

Natural Church and Tmall jointly launched super metaverse gameplay, innovative concept is one step ahead, and new NFT cosmetic makeup trend cannot be missed.

NFT, full name of Non-Fungible Tokens, is commonly translated as "Non-Fungible Tokens" or "Non-Fungible Tokens".

As name suggests, NFT attributes make each product unique, authentic and indivisible.

The NFT is somewhat of a symbol, and more and more people love and persecute it because of its uniqueness in truest sense.

Nature Hall Launches NFT Virtual Digital Products, New Beauty Makeup Trends, A Quick Look

(CryptoPunks, one of first "non-fungible NFT tokens" on Ethereum)

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As light of domestic beauty products, Nature Hall upholds aesthetics that belong to China, creates "gorgeous Chinese beauty" for consumers, and strives to invest in high-tech research and development, actively connecting with future.

This Double 11, they actively began to explore connection and connection of NFT technology and their own brand, broke traditional game experience, launched NFT metaverse virtual digital products, and placed brand's own values ​​in digital world, Using technology, it achieves a pioneering concept through modernization and modernization, completes value communication of a higher level and deeper meaning, and creates an effective way for brand to communicate with young people.

Nature Hall Launches NFT Virtual Digital Products, New Beauty Makeup Trends, A Quick Look

For Nature Hall, a product is not only a marketing concept, but also a way to communicate with consumers. Nature Church and Tmall have jointly created an NFT product called "Himalayan Ice Sundial", which digitally commemorates nature in which people live and combines most primitive and purest worship of human beings with virtual images.

Liquid metal, representing metaverse's endless flow of time, envelops and circulates around Himalayan icy blue device. The fluidity of liquid metal is also intended to mimic mobility and purity of glacial water. All things are fed. and animated, where pole of physical world meets infinity of metauniverse, time thickens, and beauty is eternal.

Nature Hall Launches NFT Virtual Digital Products, New Beauty Makeup Trends, A Quick Look

At this time, AYAYI, first surreal digital person and most popular virtual character in China, will become digital assistant of Tmall superbrand and release first batch of NFT digital collections on Tmall Double 11 and superbrands in 2021, kicking off prelude to Double Eleven in a big way.

A beauty-worthy NFT product created by Natto, Himalayan Ice Sundial, is now officially on display at NFT Digital Museum. Natto became first domestic beauty brand to create virtual digital online products using Tmall.

Nature Hall Launches NFT Virtual Digital Products, New Beauty Makeup Trends, A Quick Look

The Ice Muscle Water Natural Tang Thangka Ice Muscle Water + NFT Collection is limited to 100 pieces, which is a rarity.

From 00:00 on October 18, enter "Yuan Universe Art Exhibition" on Taobao to participate in lottery, and you will have opportunity to get physical non-genetic personalized Thangka ice water and NFT version ice. muscle water at same time.

An African leader or a European emperor? Only with participation can there be a final word. Perhaps lucky one who owns this radiant and unique Double Ice Muscle Water is one who sees you here at this moment!

When metaverse meets classical beauty, when virtual NFT meets symphony, what could be unexpected?

The concept symphonic musical blockbuster Double 11 [Cyber ​​Classical Night] took lead and opened curtain. Experimental musical instruments are crafted from super merchandise, and unique tones are used to create a concept double 11 super brand opening concert.

The Jin Haiyin Symphony Orchestra, "Royal String Orchestra" of "Singer" program, took part in this cyberclassical evening, playing Beethoven's famous song "Ode to Joy", a cyberstage combining virtual and reality, and a holographic projection for everyone. Re-engraving masterpieces of classical music masters, classical movements that have passed through millennium flow quietly, playing with various definitions of natural beauty.

Nature Hall Launches NFT Virtual Digital Products, New Beauty Makeup Trends, A Quick Look

An important protagonist of this cyberclassic evening, cello from natural hall's ice flow quadrant, inspired by water of natural hall's icy muscles, has created a digital virtual cello flowing with ice water. During performance, bottled water flows slowly, and to melody, as if entering a quadrant of a glacier and exotic land, accompanied by Ode to Joy movement, audience plunges into it and enjoys ultimate audiovisual feast.

This cyberclassic night is sure to spark imagination of future.

Compared to ice water NFT, number of NFT cellos will be more limited.

In NFT channel area on Tmall, NFT cellos will be sold by lottery with a limited number of 1 pieces. The winners will receive physical nature hall snow lotion, and Alipay account will receive an NFT virtual cello.

This Double 11, Nature Hall is reportedly carefully crafted with endless highlights. The NFT digital collection and cyber classics evening will be a wonderful and wonderful start. A steady stream of surprises is on way. Lock in Nature Hall, beautiful and unique!