To prevent falls, older people should choose good shoes.

For older people, shoes are more important than clothes!

As people age, their bodily functions deteriorate, not only do their mobility become weaker, but their bones become looser. Once dropped, they can cause serious problems. Therefore, how to prevent falls is a major concern for elderly. .

Older people should avoid wearing shoes with high heels, flat soles, too soft soles, soles with insufficient anti-slip soles, as well as shoes that do not fit properly, shoes with higher heels and shoes made of durable materials.

Next, let Xiaotai tell everyone how to choose!

Heel height

The elderly should wear shoes with a certain heel height, preferably about 1.5-2 cm, so that deviation of center of gravity does not affect balance like high-heeled shoes, and there is no lack of poor stability when turning without heels fighting.

To prevent falls, older people should choose good shoes.

Heel 1.5-2 cm

Cushioning capacity of midsole

In previous article, it was said that elderly should wear shoes with soft soles that can easily feel ground conditions, but same shoes should have cushioning ability, so when choosing shoes, choose a medium-thick sole, elastic, of course, shoes on too soft sole is not recommended for everyone to wear.

Heel loop height

Supporting and wrapping ankle with a ring at higher heel is helpful in preventing ankle sprains and spreading injury, which is why athletes wear ankle support shoes. Xiaotai here suggests that elderly with poor ankle stability still choose shoes with a certain height of back of shoe to play a stabilizing role.

To prevent falls, older people should choose good shoes.

The heel loop should protect ankle

Non-slip bottom

Safety and stability are key points that elderly should pay attention to. The choice of shoes should also take into account anti-slip characteristics of bottom to reduce possibility of slipping and falling. Here, Xiaotai recommends shoes with popcorn soles to everyone. This kind of popcorn sole is lightweight, non-slip and elastic, which meets needs of elderly. It is most suitable material for soles of shoes for the elderly. .

To prevent falls, older people should choose good shoes.

Non-slip, elastic

Breathable upper

The top, that is, side where laces are tied, is best chosen from lightweight and breathable fabrics so that legs are not stuffy and comfortable to wear. Among fabrics that Xiaotai saw, woven fabric is most suitable, it is light and comfortable, and it will not feel sweltering summer heat after wearing it.

To prevent falls, older people should choose good shoes.

Breathable and lightweight