Will shoes fit or can I go up a size?

I don't know if you're used to wearing shoes that fit your feet exactly, or shoes that are a little bigger?

Some people think that shoes should be toe-to-toe and heel-to-heel for highest possible fit and better protection of foot, but not all shoes need to be this size.

High-cut shoes are only necessary for strenuous exercise such as basketball, football, and running. There is no need to wear such tight shoes for everyday life and simple sports. Shoes that are too tight can squeeze your feet. Blood vessels, on contrary, will make legs uncomfortable, and experience is actually not good.

Will shoes fit or can I go up a size?

Little white shoes

From a scientific point of view, for casual shoes, it is enough to be 0.8-1 cm longer than foot. If shoes are less than this range, they will be tight. If shoes are larger than 1 cm, they will fall off easily. legs and easily injured during exercise.

To put it more vividly, after putting on shoes, put socks to socks. If heel of shoes just fits under toe, then this length is suitable, and it will not be too big to cause it. to fall. , It will not be too small to cause squeezing of blood vessels in legs, causing discomfort.

Secondly, in addition to length of shoe, we also need to pay attention to width and height of shoe.

Will shoes fit or can I go up a size?

High heels

For example, high heels with wide sides are more comfortable to wear than high heels with pointed corners, and high heels with low heels are also more comfortable and healthier than high heels.

Same with other shoes. For everyday wear, it is best to choose shoes of correct width, bones of foot are not squeezed, heel is not too high, arch of foot and forefoot are less stressed. These shoes are comfortable to wear and good for health.

Will shoes fit or can I go up a size?

Breathable mesh shoes

If in some cases you have to wear unsuitable shoes or high heels, it is best to prepare a pair of disposable slippers and change them after finishing, and then massage your feet or soak your feet to relieve blood on your feet and acupuncture points.

Everyone's feet are different in length, width and height, so it's hard to set a specific standard and acceptable standard for sizing. Many shoe manufacturers have their own size charts, so you'd better take care of them. your feet Measure and write down length and width of your feet, and check and ask clearly when buying shoes, because size 41 may be 25.5cm or 26cm.

Different types of shoes also have different lengths and widths. Leather shoes are generally a positive size, while sports shoes are slightly larger than normal, so you should know centimeters corresponding to size when buying shoes. . Look at size, don't just buy size 37, size 41...

At same time, foreign and domestic shoe sizes are also different. If you buy foreign, especially European and American original shoes, you should pay attention to unit of measurement and length and width of the size. Their sizes are too large.

Will shoes fit or can I go up a size?

Comparison table for men's shoe sizes by country

Will shoes fit or can I go up a size?

Comparison table for women's shoe sizes in different countries

In fact, you can find out whether it is comfortable to wear shoes on your foot by walking or running. Whether you buy shoes in a physical store or online, you should try them on completely and walk around, jumping in place while leaning forward. and vice versa, in short, try on shoes you wear in different ways, and then wear them out when they fit you.