Luxury Cobbler: Leather care terminology

1. Leather CareLeather care includes cleaning, maintenance, modification, repair and other processes for leather products such as leather clothing, leather products and leather shoes. 2. LeatherLeather refers to an untreated hide with approximately full original structure that has been tanned to a material that does not rot; hair on skin has usually been removed, but may also be deliberately not removed. Leather can also be made from hides or hides separated into layers before or after tanning.

3. Recycled LeatherRecycled leather is tearing and grinding of leather scraps into fibers, which are then held together by adhesives in a mechanical and physical state. and then processed by split layer grinding, surface coating and other products. 4. Synthetic LeatherSynthetic leather refers to man-made products that mimic composition and structure of natural leather. 5. Artificial LeatherArtificial leather refers to a synthetic resin mixed with a plasticizer, which is applied to surface of a fabric in form of a paste, dispersion or solution. A heat-treated product. 6. Full Grain LeatherFull Grain Leather is leather in which grain pattern remains intact and natural pores and texture are clearly visible, also known as Front Leather.

7. Top Grain Snuffed, Snuffed Leather (Top Grain Snuffed, Snuffed Leather)Semi-grained leather means that only part of grain layer of leather is slightly worn, but all of surface grain that has not been abraded is still on surface Zhang leather, and natural pores and textures can still be seen on surface of grain. 8. Aniline LeatherAniline leather refers to leather modified only with aniline effect dyes without pigments. 9. Semi-Aniline Finished LeatherSemi-aniline leather refers to basic aniline dye mixed with a small amount of pigment, and still has some aniline after modification.leather effect. 10. Corrected Grain LeatherCorrected Grain Leather refers to grinding surface of grain to reduce effect of grain defects, and then to a different finish A. A method that creates a false grain that mimics natural leather, also known as trim leather.

Luxury Cobbler: Leather care terminology

11. Nubuck, Velvet Leather (Nubuk, Velvet Leather)Nubuk refers to leather that has been ground into a velvety fine suede on surface of fibers, with a thin and weak pile. Visible pores, also known as nubuck leather. 12. SuedeSuede refers to leather with a buffed flesh surface, also known as Siwei leather. 13. Special Effect LeatherSpecial effect leather includes antique effect, imitation, batik, printing and dyeing, embossing, metallic pearl, oil color effect and other forms of leather.

14. Double Face LeatherDouble Face Leather is leather whose fur surface is trimmed with fur, flesh, or suede. Fur, other side is leather. , which can be worn on both sides, also known as a sheepskin coat or fur. 15. Fur (Fur) Fur refers to leather that has been tanned to make skin soft, stable and durable, according to practical requirements and with a blanket, also known as fur. 16. Finishing (dyeing)Dyeing is process of applying chemicals to leather products to make surface beautiful, soft, or provide protection.

17. Brush applicationBrush application is process of applying a finishing agent to leather goods by wiping with a brush. 18. Wipe Coating Wipe coating refers to process of applying a finishing agent to leather goods by wiping or rubbing.

19. Spray CoatingSpray Coating is process of applying a finishing agent to a leather product using a spray gun. 20. ResinResin is a film-forming substance commonly used in leather finishing, which has adhesiveness and is a polymeric compound with plasticity.

Luxury Cobbler: Leather care terminology

21. Pigment PastePigment paste is a pasty colored substance mixed with pigments and additives. 22. General finishing agent General finishing agent refers to a simple finishing agent for leather finishing. 23.Water-based paintWater-based paint refers to a special liquid paint for leather. 24. Handling AgentHandling agent refers to a substance that gives surface of skin a feeling such as waxy, oily, slippery, etc.

25. Reclaimed Leather LiquorReconstructed Leather Liquor refers to a product that can restore color of slightly faded suede products.

26. Repair Thick PasteRepair Thick Paste is a paste-like chemical product used to repair and fill scratches and wounds on surface of leather goods.

27. Coating strippingCoating stripping refers to defects in poor coating adhesion or brittle cracking of coating, resulting in peeling of coating. 28. CrackingCracking refers to defect of cracking of coating due to excessive use of brittle materials in coating composition or too thick coating.

29. Loose grainLoose surface refers to defects of skin itself, which is that surface layer of skin is loose or grain layer and mesh layer are slightly separated.

30. Hardened leatherToughened skin refers to hardness or brittleness of leather caused by improper coating, immersion in water or long-term storage, fat loss and other reasons. 31. Skin color overlap (skin color overlap)Skin color overlap refers to coloration between dark and light colors caused by improper handling of skin.

32. Fat Liquoring of LeatherFat Liquoring of Leather is process of fattening leather to restore its original softness and fullness. 33. Butter cream (oil cream)Oil cream is a white powdery oily exudate on surface of skin. 34. Salt rust (Salt rust)Salt rust is an off-white frost on surface of leather fibers. 35. Mold stains

Mold spots refer to localized mold and leather damage caused by moisture or improper storage.

Luxury Cobbler: Leather care terminology

36. Sponge BlockSponge block refers to a porous material made of rubber or plastic that is elastic and is commonly used for skin care.

37. Scrubbing BrushScrubbing Brush refers to a brush used for dyeing leather goods, and hog bristle cleaning brushes are commonly used. 38. Spray Gun (Airbrush)Spray gun refers to a spray gun that uses compressed air to atomize a finishing agent in form of a mist and apply it to the surface of a leather product.

39. Air compressor (Air - Compressor)An air compressor is commonly known as an air compressor. Device component.