After buying so many shoes, do you know what "fly weaving" is?

I believe that when you buy shoes, you often hear and see words like flying weave, polyurethane, rubber sole, etc., and sellers will tell you about superiority of this material from different angles, but it's true ?

Next, Xiaotai will use a series of articles to tell you "true face" of these materials!

Today, Xiaotai will tell you what Flying Weaving is.

The so-called "fly weaving" is actually a manufacturing process. This is a lightweight process developed by Nike for general treatment of shoe uppers. For weaving top, threads of different colors are used, which are knitted into one piece.

After buying so many shoes, do you know what "fly weaving" is?

That's why salespeople always say "These shoes are like socks" in ads.

However, this is also true. After all, uppers of flying knitted shoes are woven from various threads, and are mainly used on sports shoes, so there are fewer embellishments and decorations. The entire upper does not look like a pair of socks. ?

After buying so many shoes, do you know what "fly weaving" is?

So I believe everyone can understand benefits of "Flying Weaving" - it's "light", "skinny", "breathable" and "deodorant"!

Of course, "flying weave" and "flying weave" are different things, so don't confuse them!

"Flying weaving" usually refers to a manufacturing process, as mentioned earlier, it is a new technology in mechanized production.

Flycloth is a type of fabric. Nowadays, most fly fabrics are made from chemical fibers and mostly blended fabrics, some of which are made up of polyester, some of spandex, and some may be of cotton. yarn, and some shoes Businesses use natural and environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo fiber for weaving, and everyone should pay attention to this when buying shoes.

After buying so many shoes, do you know what "fly weaving" is?

Knowing advantages of "fly cloth", let's look at its disadvantages.

At end of day, upper part of flying woven shoe is only a thin layer. Although shape is still standing, shoe's body support is actually not enough, so heavy steering movements (such as playing basketball, football, etc.) are not suitable for wearing shoes with flying fabrics, not only can not stabilize foot during sports, but also can not play role of fixing joints after injuries.

Secondly, due to fact that terry cloth shoes are very breathable and light, they do not retain heat enough and protect from wind, so they are only suitable for wearing in warm and dry seasons. on rainy days or in winter experience will definitely not be good.

In addition, when wearing flying woven shoes, you should also pay attention to scratch protection and hook-and-eye closures. If you change into shoes with holes, you will have to change way you wear them.

In general, benefits of terry cloth are even higher. You can have one or two pairs of terry cloth shoes in your shoe closet. They are definitely more comfortable to wear than leather shoes and sneakers when you are walking or running in summer.