Exclusive items for women with wide trousers? Then you misunderstood, it is worn by men, equally elegant and fashionable.

When it comes to wide trousers, many partners believe that this is an exclusive item for women, and you will hardly find it in men's wardrobes. In fact, wide trousers used to be main style of menswear. In today's fashion circles, wide leg pants are still part of trend. Many fashion icons opt for a pair of wide leg trousers.

The charm of wide leg pants is obvious to everyone, and labels such as elegance, retro, and art can be used. Styles in fashion world are always diverse, and even many styles are developed in disputes. Since they chose wide trousers, they must have their own fashion ideas.

According to current fashion trend, wide leg pants are no longer mainstream, but they definitely exist in name of "retro". Maybe more men are chasing "trends visible to naked eye", but some true retro fans won't miss these elegant wide leg pants.

Fashion styles are constantly changing and some so-called trends will soon be superseded by new ideas. Despite christening of trends, classics will remain. Just like a wardrobe always has pieces that can last for decades, jeans, suits and white t-shirts have always remained in fashion circle with their own charm.

In fact, choice of men's trousers is small, but by changing pattern, you get countless possibilities. Every breakline and every inch of pants will affect overall style of uniform. It is these subtle changes, combined with new fabrics, that will introduce a new style to individual piece.

1. Origin and development of wide trousers.

The biggest feature of wide leg pants, however, is their loose fit. Sweatpants have become popular since early 20th century. They evolved into straight wide leg trousers, which are also a major change in men's trousers.

In 1920s, birth of Oxford bags quickly spurred development of wide trousers. At that time, Oxford trousers were designed by Oxford University students and their style was very loose. Later, in order to adapt to more people, loose version of pants was slightly reduced, but loose version is still very obvious.

Oxford trousers laid foundation for development of wide trousers. Loose fit can bring more comfort. At time, wide leg pants broke traditional slim fit and became a new trend.

  • Sweatpants are beginning of an elegant and gentleman's journey
  • The Duke of Windsor is a good promoter of wide trousers. After release of this version of trousers, Duke of Windsor will also wear them on various occasions. The elegant gentleman style can also be highlighted, giving wide-leg trousers an even greater impact. Later, wide trousers became popular in women's fashion, so wide trousers are not an exclusive thing for women.

    Marlon Brando was also fond of wide trousers. His partners may have remembered his uninhibited nature in a white T-shirt, jeans and motorcycle jackets, but he immediately showed gentlemanly style when he put on wide trousers.

    At that time, wide leg pants were not only used to create a formal and elegant style, but were also used by many celebrities to create casual and fashionable looks. So these loose trousers were also main style at that time and they were very popular among men.

    This type of high-waisted, wide-leg trousers remained popular until late 1950s, and since 1960s, styles of men's trousers have gradually become more diverse. Influenced by street fashion at time, there was also a strong acceptance of other trouser styles, which dampened popularity of wide leg trousers, but these wide leg trousers have always been popular in women's fashion.

    In today's variety of trousers, there are many partners who again choose wide trousers. Wearing these wide leg pants today will add word "retro". After all, this pair of trousers has not yet been popular for almost half a century, but now a discreet return has given the fashion circle an additional choice.

  • Brand promotion
  • The development of style trends is inseparable from promotion of fashion brands. At 2020 Spring/Summer Menswear Conference show, major brands unveiled a series of wide-leg trousers, setting a fashion trend. After all, fashion brands can not only capture popular elements, but also create fashion trends. Many trends in fashion world originate from shows.

    From trousers to trousers to jeans, loose fit of these pieces is very obvious, which also proves that big brands are full of interest and expectations for wide leg pants.

  • Star effect
  • From shows to stars is a way to spread fashion ideas. It can be seen from history of fashion development that stars will also play a big role in development of trends. brands cooperate to promote, this is already interpretation of trend.

    When Hu Ge stepped onto red carpet, he broke with traditional concept of collocations by wearing a pair of straight-leg wide trousers to create an elegant and formal style. Although uniform looks very individual, there is no sense of defiance in it.

    When Liu Haoran also appeared on red carpet, he wore wide-leg trousers to create a personal style. Although formality of look was much lower and he was not as strict as in usual version, he at least let fashion circle see some fresh items.

    Two wide trousers to match style.

    Compared to regular slim fit, style of wide leg pants is obviously very different, and displayed styles are different. In general, a slim fit is more versatile and essential for a casual look. Loose wide leg pants are very suitable for creating an individual style that is relatively difficult to control, but with right combination, it will be very attractive and can show a special charm.

    Today, various styles of wide trousers are in fashion. Different styles define different styles. From trousers, khaki trousers to jeans, you can create a trendy retro look, so you should also follow your own style characteristics and occasions to make choices to make shape more perfect.

    1. Wide trousers + white T-shirt

    Due to loose and straight cut, pants are very breathable and are more comfortable to wear in spring and summer. If you're having a hard time finding right piece of clothing, you can opt for a white t-shirt during this time. A white t-shirt is also a must-have for spring and summer, and it can make look more versatile.

    The white t-shirt is mostly suited for a slim fit, so you can try on different styles of wide leg pants. Whether it's jeans or casual trousers, this uniform is very versatile. Although style is simple but not monotonous, effect of loose trousers will be very striking. Tuck hem of T-shirt into waistband of trousers to make style look more neat.

    Combining a white t-shirt, you can combine jackets of different styles. Elegant and artistic style is more noticeable in combination with a suit. More sophistication.

    2. Wide trousers + shirt

    Sweatpants and shirts are perfect choice for creating retro literature and artwork, and paired with shirts for more style changes. A pair of loose pleated wide leg pants and a shirt can also create a very personal look. The shirt is used for outdoor wear and has a good sense of hierarchy and overall look is relaxed and casual.

    Army green jumpsuit with wide trousers and shirt, plus a pair of youthful and fashionable canvas shoes, retro rigging style is immediately introduced. The effect of loose and straight trousers makes figure rich and atmospheric.

    Wear it with a white shirt to avoid an overly formal look, and choose a casual fabric style for shirt to make look easier to control. For those who have a short stature or a small belly, mid-high waist style is main style that will help to improve waistline and increase length of legs to improve proportions of figure.

    3. Changing length of wide trousers

    No matter what style of pants you wear, look out for change in length, not to mention a pair of wide leg pants with a strong personality. The regular length plus free effect tends to make shape look exaggerated. It is also most difficult length to control. When fitting, it should be processed according to overall style of shape.

    While wearing standard trousers, in addition to having natural folds, you can also roll up trousers to make shape look simpler and more elegant, and ankles become more layered.

    There are many styles of cropped trousers that can be paired with many styles. Whether it's an elegant gentleman style or a trendy street masculine style, this length is worth recommending. The length of trousers reaches to ankle, and straight and loose trousers are suitable for different leg shapes.

    4. Choice of shoes

    Shoes have always played an important role in creating style, and even a pair of shoes can change style of look, so choose according to length of pants and style of look.

    For a casual look, wide leg trousers and work boots can be worn in a rough and tough cut, which is very suitable for autumn and winter, and will also give look a retro feel. When paired with mid-height leather boots, length of trousers must be taken into account. Typically, trousers are rolled up to expose leather boots to make shape look more textured.

    Sail shoes are needed to create youth literature and art. If style with leather boots is more masculine, then style with canvas shoes can show a literary and fashion style, which is very suitable for creating a youthful and fashionable style. .

    Pairing with sports shoes will give you a stronger fashion sense, and sports shoes are also very versatile, but given wide version of trousers, you can choose several light styles for shoes, and style will be more versatile and fashionable.

    5. Color matching

    Hue treatment is also one way to control integrity of form, and often ideal form is a single entity. While wide leg pants are very individual, they also need to pay attention to overall shape control, so this is also a good way to start with a color tone.

    Classic blues and whites are most popular in spring and summer, giving people a sense of simplicity and freshness. During this time, you can opt for navy blue styles for trousers and white tops for versatile and trendy styles. A loose version of trousers and a matching shirt with a sea soul and suit also create an elegant vibe.

    Loose fit jeans paired with a suit create a blue-toned look. Although style of jeans is very individual, it is also very harmonious when combined with an elegant suit. A pair of brown leather pumps also looks very classy. calm.

    Choose classic khaki wide leg pants for a more versatile style. Upper colors are mostly white, blue and black. In autumn and winter, dark colors are naturally best choice, and khaki looks very integrated when combined.

    A combination of army green and black is also highly recommended. The army green wide leg trousers look trendy in retro style and black top can be worn casually to show off trendy style. No matter in terms of tone or shape, shape will not seem monotonous.

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