Summer "skirts" will show your cute side! Recommended skirt combination

Even if you choose only one dress, choose one that is cute and feminine. If you want to wear a feminine look and show off your sense of maturity and elegance, you should choose a style that won't flatter your figure and wear it more naturally. .

Even if you like pants, you should also like skirts. For people like me who usually have a lot of trouser styles but want to change mood and try on skirts, summer is time! In this period, when you can easily enjoy style of skirt with sandals and sneakers, we will introduce style of casual skirt, skillfully using glitter and color.

Style1: The I-line skirt is a great way to upgrade your look! Summer "skirts" will show your cute side! Recommended skirt combination

* Model is 161cm tall, T-shirt/GU (T-shirt with pleats at waist), Skirt/Uniqlo (cotton skirt with airism slit)

This year you can often see mermaid skirts and pencil skirts.

This black skinny skirt below knee, many are attracted by slit at back, ankle length is very long, and legs look beautiful when worn, with this slim shape, image of skinny skirt has a new look. look this year.

Also, in summer, you can wear it with casual wear and sneakers, as well as sporty pieces like photo t-shirts, logo tees, tunics and more. The vertical lines of skirt will give you more femininity!

Style 2: Loose Skater Skirt "enhance the charm of plain T-shirts! Summer "skirts" will show your cute side! Recommended skirt combination


If you pair it with a plain white t-shirt, I recommend a pleated skirt with a great vibe.

If skirt is long, it will have a mature and stable balance of sweetness. If you choose to pair them with a top of same color and wear them as a style of clothing, sneakers on your feet will give people a relaxed and casual feel, and they will also look very mature, which is great.

Style3: "Glossy skirt" is a universal element of this year's standard clothing! Summer "skirts" will show your cute side! Recommended skirt combination

Knitting/GU (sweater with mesh back and ribbon)Satin skirt/ZARAChain accessories/ZARACap/14plus

I'm always missing something.... You can choose a sparkly skirt as a suitable item, which is key to solving sameness problem.

Simple styles can also reflect depth when glossy, even if it's a classic T-shirt style, it won't be too simple.

Champagne gold satin paired with a beige summer sweater. The combination of colors can also create a three-dimensional effect, complementing elegant fashion style.

Style4: "Colorful skirt" turns ordinary things into great styles! Summer "skirts" will show your cute side! Recommended skirt combination

Tops/Uniqlo (Supima cotton stretch T-shirt)Skirt/Uniqlo (chiffon pleated long skirt)

If you combine so-called solid colors, you can easily match colored skirts. It is very comfortable!

If it's a pleated chiffon skirt, you can feel summer breeze and enjoy a more upbeat style.

For example, if you want to pair a dark black gray t-shirt, it is recommended to wear pink, yellow and refreshing ice blue for lower body.

Depending on color, you can enjoy various fashion combinations.

Combining summer skirts is much more interesting!

Summer skirt styles paired with tight, loose, shiny, and pretty colors can make your casual wear more fun.

This time I'll introduce these solid color skirts that are relatively easy to integrate into everyday outfits. If you choose skirts with gorgeous patterns like plaid or floral print, it will be easier for you to break your original style of dressing!