What to do if you wear sandals in summer

Everyone likes to wear sandals in summer. Sandals are good breathable shoes, but some people wear sandals, which make their feet smell worse. What's happening? What if you wear sandals in summer with smelly feet?

What to do if you wear sandals in summer

In summer, everyone likes to wear sandals to make their feet more comfortable, because sandals are originally a type of footwear with better breathability. However, there are also many people who come to report to editor that their feet smell after wearing sandals, which is very embarrassing. Today editor wants to talk to you about what to do if you wear sandals in summer?

What to do if you wear sandals in summer

Reason to wear sandals in summer

Why do my feet smell bad after wearing sandals? In fact, most basic reason is that feet sweat. If you wear same pair of shoes for several days in summer, sweat will remain in shoes. If shoes are not completely dry, but continue to be worn, there will be foot odor. Therefore, if you want to avoid this situation, you should change your shoes frequently in summer, and replaced shoes should be exposed to sun frequently.

In addition to changing your shoes less often, some shoes don't breathe well, which can also lead to foot odor. In summer, it is not possible to wear sandals in all cases, so in this case, shoes with better breathability should be chosen according to actual situation.

In daily life, we should also develop a healthy habit of wearing cotton socks, because cotton socks absorb sweat best and effectively reduce amount of sweat remaining inside shoes. It is not easy to have foot odor, he needs to keep his feet in an enclosed space, and at same time, temperature must be relatively high, and there must be more sweat so that he can be suitable for growth. bacteria. Therefore, we only need to change one of factors in daily life, then foot odor can be sufficiently relieved. In addition to methods described above, we can also use deodorants, which also have certain effects.

There are more sweat glands on legs, which leads to more sweating. Sweat mixes all dead cells, oils, etc. together, resulting in bad foot odor. In addition, if shoes are not breathable, temperature inside shoes will be relatively high, and indoor humidity will be relatively high due to sweating, which is very suitable for bacteria to breed and not conducive to health. legs.

So, why do you still smell like your feet when you wear sandals in summer? The main reason is that material of sandals and way we usually wear sandals are wrong. If material of shoes itself is not good, then usually we need to pay special attention when buying. It is best to buy better quality shoes, and shoes should be designed according to needs of human body, so that we can better protect health of feet. In addition, we must also pay special attention to our personal hygiene in our daily lives. , which can also greatly avoid appearance of foot odor.

What should I do if I wear sandals in summer?

First: Sweep your feet more often

In everyday life, we can wet our feet more depending on situation. People who often wear sandals barefoot should get their feet wet more. In foot bath, we can also add some Chinese medicinal substances such as pepper to deodorize according to different situations, as follows:

1.Steep a green tea bag in boiling water. After ten minutes, remove sachet and add required amount of cold water to soak your feet. Soak your feet for half an hour each time, at least twice a day. a week.

2. Add some lemon juice to hot water and then soak your feet. This way of soaking your feet can be done every day, and it has a good bactericidal and deodorizing effect.

3. Add a spoonful of baking soda to hot water, stir well, and then steam your feet for half an hour. It is recommended to do this once a day in morning and evening. The deodorizing effect is very good.

4. Add a small amount of white vinegar to your foot bath water and soak your feet in it every night.

Two: change your shoes often

It is best to prepare three pairs of shoes each summer and then change them every day, and then it is best to dry worn shoes so that they do not emit an unpleasant smell, since sun has a bactericidal effect.

In addition, when wearing shoes daily, laces should not be tied too tight, which can promote air circulation inside shoe. If your feet are sweaty, you can also put a breathable insole inside your shoes.

You can also use some deodorants in your daily life, which can prevent growth of bacteria on your feet and shoes, and basically achieve purpose of deodorization. You can also sprinkle mothball powder on clean shoes and put insoles in them. It's not easy to cause foot odor, but you should remember to change your shoes often.

Third: Eat more foods that strengthen spleen and remove dampness

Feet prone to sweating. It is likely that balance of spleen and stomach is disturbed in body, because people with a deficiency of spleen tend to sweat, which exacerbates foot odor. The editor suggests that when we usually cook porridge, we can add some lotus seeds, jujube and yams depending on situation, which is good for health of spleen and stomach. Also, it's usually better to be lighter and eat less heavy-tasting food.