Choosing right footwear for your child

2015-01-26 05:58:00 Author: Tang Fei

As children learn to walk, one must be serious about whether they should wear shoes or not and choice of shoes. In addition to safety and quality issues, wearing shoes incorrectly carries hidden dangers for foot development. Nowadays, many children have following foot problems due to wrong or incorrect shoes:

Floating toe

Symptoms: The big toe is turned forward, cannot touch ground, or moves in or out.

Reason: During development, left and right feet should be one large and one small. The left foot is used as a support foot, which is usually larger than right foot, which is functional foot. If you wear shoes of same size, development of left foot will be limited, which can lead to floating of big toe of left foot.

Suggestion: choose shoe size according to actual position of left and right foot, to leave enough room for development of foot. In addition, do more barefoot walking exercises so that there is no restriction between big and forefinger and a certain space is maintained, which is very important for normal development of toes.

Choosing right footwear for your child

You should pay attention to choice of shoes

●Platy feet

Symptoms: Refers to collapse of arch of foot, resulting in a decrease or loss of elasticity in foot, an inability to walk or stand for long periods of time, discomfort or pain when walking or standing.

Reason. According to survey, about one in ten children have flat feet. In addition to congenital bone hypoplasia, abnormal development of foot bones and muscle ligaments, improper footwear will also make muscle strength necessary to maintain arch of foot unable to adapt to rate of weight gain, and flat feet may also develop.

Suggestion: wear suitable shoes. As a rule, most cases of flat feet recover naturally. If it has not returned to normal after 10 years of age, it is necessary to seek help from a rehabilitation doctor.

●Internal and external spread legs

Symptoms: When a normal person walks, longitudinal axis of sole of foot should be parallel to direction of walking or slightly outward. If it is too internal, then this is an internal horoscope; if too external, then this is an external horoscope.

Reason: wearing large shoes.

Suggestion: wear shoes of right size and change new shoes in time according to rate of development of your child's sole. Under normal circumstances, about 90% of children improve or return to normal by age 6.